De/Fault Case.

What a pile of donkey shit. A while back (and currently still going on) the guys at Default Case had an AMAZING sale on iPhone cases and since I needed one, I ordered a case immediately. Now, I wasn’t expecting anything overly fantastic because it was a very good sale, almost unbelievable… until I received the product.

As I opened the jiffy bag with excitement, I pulled out the black iPhone case ready to clip on my phone. I pull it out, check there’s no debris on the inside before I clip it on – but I see a little white spec; probably just a bit of the packaging, no worries, I’ll just blow it off… looks stuck so I gently try to rub it off.

Now, this is where I went wrong. That spec was actually the bare plastic, as I found out, after my gentle rub removed more flaky paint and then leading on to a gentle (and I really do mean gentle) scratch revealed more and more of the base plastic. Apparently, these cases are purely ornamental as using them day to day will leave a load of coloured crap wherever there is a slight bit of friction. A table, your pocket, in your hand. It’s quite frankly disgraceful, especially since there was a hand signed quality control check document which accompanied the order information and product. If you insist on getting one, make sure it’s the white one and hope it hasn’t been painted. $35? I’d lose my shit if I paid $35.

Nevertheless, to be fair to the people at Default Case, they have got a good record of customer service, although for the price, it’s really not worth chasing it up unfortunately.

M.ZUIKO 14-150mm Lens Review with Test Shots

I’ve recently got my hands on the Olympus 14-150mm M.ZUIKO Micro 4/3 camera lens for the Olympus PEN series of cameras. The lens is being used on the Olympus E-PL1 and so all video/photo content will have been produced using this badass camera & lens unless otherwise stated.

To start, I’d like to point out that I’m not a professional photographer (as many of you will know), but I am picking it up quickly as a hobby. With that in mind, I’m not going to get into all the nitty gritty details that only a camera/photography expert will understand but I will talk about it as the general consumer and technology lover. Continue reading “M.ZUIKO 14-150mm Lens Review with Test Shots”

ZombieSmash iPhone Review

ZombieSmash is one of the best games I have on my iPhone. The game itself supports Crystal so if you play for awards and want to be part of a community not too dissimilar to what the PS3 and XBox have going on, it’s pretty cool.

The game starts off and you’re a loner stuck in a house in the middle of a field and you have to survive waves of zombies for 31 days (levels). I started playing after reading a couple of reviews saying how good it was, and I wasn’t overly impressed until I got a few levels in, because that’s where the intensity builds up and you really get into the game, unlocking new weapons and new zombies. A nice little touch at the end of each level is the “Finish ’em” camera where everything goes in slow motion and you can literally rip off their limbs and capture the torture to keep in your photo album. Continue reading “ZombieSmash iPhone Review”