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MacBook Air: Two Weeks On…

It’s been a couple of weeks since I got my MacBook Air and started using it as my primary computer (and as something to take pictures of).


Guest Editorial: iPods for filmmakers?

The following is a guest post about the iPod Touch. While I have not had the privilege of using this product for any extended period of time, no doubt there will be a few readers out there who can relate.



It was cold. Very cold. Still sunny though and we went to a good few agencies, all with their own little “thing” that makes them different from each other. The agencies I went to throughout the trip and the main speakers were;

Concept Farm – Griffin
Exposure – Tom
What If! – Gareth
R/GA – Courtney
Cunning – Lara
Naked – Paul
Rapp – Camilo
JWT – Renetta and Andy Clarke

They were all very nice people and I was quite surprised how many English people there were in the agencies (some even from Bucks!). We even randomly met one of the founding four of ZAG on the street outside Concept Farm who gave a few of us an impromptu talk about the industry. Thanks Georgia ;).

Overall it was a good trip, plane there was good, plane back was a fucking nightmare, but you’re reading this so it wasn’t that bad.

Now on with the pics! This isn’t all of them, and they will all look different from each other because I was pissing about in photoshop.

I have to start with this one because it’s by far the most globally relevant, the rest are just holiday snaps whereas this is porn frozen into the middle of Central Park’s lake – epic. The next one is of a taxi on fire… sort of.