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MI: Evolution

Modest Innovation - Old Version

Projects section - old version
Projects section – old version

Above are the current (but soon to be outdated) Modest Innovation home page and Projects section. A redesign has been a long time coming. Originally I got them up as quick as possible, I had a vague idea for the design theme being thin borders and grids – it worked on the home page, but that got lost in the projects section.

After finally getting round to making a pure CSS version of the Modest Innovation logo, it sparked a new round of inspiration for me to get the redesign and new web build together. I had to sort my act out, and so, after three days of hard graft, it’s almost there.

The simplicity, the thin accent lines and the 1:1 ratio and grid spacing all came together beautifully. Everything needed is on a single page (I love one page websites); projects and project summary, social links, thumbnails – everything. One page.

Shiny new Modest Innovation! (still working on the body copy)l
Shiny new Modest Innovation! (still working on the body copy)l

As for the actual content, that’s all hosted on the relevant site for that type of content (videos on Vimeo, photos on Flickr, PDFs on Dropbox, etc).

It’s likely that the site will be live by Monday, if not sooner.

As for its future – I’m working on giving each project its own site, similar to how I’ve showcased my fonts on their own site and User Manual, I’ll continue to do the same with the other projects. I’m also looking to update the blog to inkeep with the new style.

Sneak a peek at the beta site here.

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