The Reveal

If you read my last post, you’ll have noticed that I didn’t really go into too much detail on anything. This post will.

I’ll rewind back to when I handed in my notice at RAPP. I had accepted a job as a Creative Technology Director at a new start-up agency called FMLY. As I said in the previous post, it could have gone bust before My notice period was even over, but it didn’t.

That’s not to say I was still entering into the same company that I had originally thought I was.

The company had rearranged and was starting the process of merging with another company, An Abundance. It was still young, but more developed than what we were. It was a good move.

I came in to the company at one of the most hectic times for a new business. Not only that, but we were also on an automotive pitch with another agency called The Corner, who is also very young.

It was like working for three new agencies all trying to find their feet as well as win new business. It was a good experience albeit an intense one.

Back at FMLY I was working in Oxford Street as a Creative Technology Director. After the merge I was working in Covent Garden as a Creative Technology Partner. Within the space of a month I had excelled years through my career.

And then I threw in the towel.

This is my last week Next week is my last week at An Abundance. Over my time here I have organised theatre groups, filmed and help prepare workshops, concepted for big brands, brainstormed with the great innovative minds of today and above all else, met amazing people. It’s not over.

Although I won’t have that kick-ass title anymore – I will have something else. My own company. You’re reading this on the Modest Innovation blog, and this will stay the same, but Modest Innovation as you and I know it is going to change. From a humble collection of my projects to my own fully fledged business.


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  1. Read about your start up via “the great blue wall” of that popular book of faces. Just going to wish you the best of luck in your new endeavour.

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