My new iPad!

I gave in to the craving for a new Apple product so I decided to get my very own iPad. So far so good, does everything I want it to do. This might actually replace my laptop!


Due to the sem-loss of my websites, I decided to get on Flickr so save my photos as I know they won’t be deleted in the flick of a switch.

Here’s my Flickr account, I’m not fully clued up yet on all it’s features so I’ve still got a lot of fanny-assing around to do with it.

The Cheese Grater – Update

As of last night, my current hosting suspended my account as I was getting too much traffic to The Cheese Grater (over 115k unique visitors and over 450k pageviews a month) so as of today I am looking for a new host that can support the site at it’s current size with room for more traffic, however, in an attempt to avoid the account getting suspended and ALL of my websites coming down The Cheese Grater will have very limited if any usage until I can get a plan together for execution and hopefully save the site.

Fingers crossed this situation will be sorted out and thank you to the vast community of people who have been with us from the start, during the many face changes and the challenges until now.

13th Street Stationary of Horror

Yes. They’re awesome, I don’t tend to put un-awesome stuff on here. But they’re not only awesome, they’re gruesome and most importantly THEY ARE GENIUS! Here are only a couple of pictures, check out the rest of the range here.


Here’s what Gordon Brown would look like as a blood sucking zombie.

…GET IT?!! But seriously, here’s my Photoshop fuck up.

ZombieSmash iPhone Review

ZombieSmash is one of the best games I have on my iPhone. The game itself supports Crystal so if you play for awards and want to be part of a community not too dissimilar to what the PS3 and XBox have going on, it’s pretty cool.

The game starts off and you’re a loner stuck in a house in the middle of a field and you have to survive waves of zombies for 31 days (levels). I started playing after reading a couple of reviews saying how good it was, and I wasn’t overly impressed until I got a few levels in, because that’s where the intensity builds up and you really get into the game, unlocking new weapons and new zombies. A nice little touch at the end of each level is the “Finish ’em” camera where everything goes in slow motion and you can literally rip off their limbs and capture the torture to keep in your photo album. Continue reading “ZombieSmash iPhone Review”


Well hells yea! Thought I’d post a screenshot of my StumbleUpon account because it’s looking pretty awesome, but don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got, a lot of stuff I submit only gets a couple of hundred, if that, sometimes.