The Internet Map

This is MIND BLOWING! A russian developer has mapped out the internet into circles. It’s aptly named ‘The Internet Map‘. The larger the circle, the more traffic that website gets. It shows the top visited 350,000 websites in the world and it looks beautiful.

When you zoom in you start to see the names of each website.

I even found my old website The Cheese Grater which was in the top100,000 websites, but it doesn’t even exist anymore.

Soapbox Project

This is a nice project from Hayley Goodsell giving people the opportunity to air their views about this year’s London Olympic and Paralympic games. It was set up by HayI’ve watched a few of the videos and it’s interesting to see why some are in support of the games and the reasons why people don’t really care about them. Some make sense, other’s don’t – but with an aim for 14,000 submissions (around 700 hours of footage), there’s bound to be a few nutcases, but also a few gems.

It’s still early doors, but the Soapbox Project has potential to be a huge central point of conversation for the 2012 games.

Movie Monday: They Live (1988)

This is the full feature length movie of They Live by John Carpenter. I haven’t yet seen it, but I’ve seen clips of it. It looks awesome. I’m going to watch it later. Enjoy.

John Carpenter’s masterpiece. Hidden beneath the illusion of everyday life, alien economists are developing the Earth as their own third world. Roddy Piper stumbles onto their plan and the shit hits the fan.A telling social commentary on greed, consumption, a crippled economy, propaganda and the growing schisms between the rich and poor.

Starring Roddy Piper, Meg Foster, Keith David.

Regent’s Park: Queen Mary’s Garden

I spent the day out and about with the girlfriend today. I took my camera and a macro lens to get some close up nature shots. Most of them didn’t turn out too well, but I did get a couple of gems:

A rose called Tintinara
…not sure what this is called.

At one point I was holding a leaf up to the sun and a hoverfly landed right on the tip of it. Very lucky, but also unlucky as the wind denied me any chance of a good shot. Bastard.


I’ve been brushing up on my HTML & CSS and learning JavaScript with Codecademy. If you don’t know what this is. Get on it. Now. It’s probably the easiest and cheapest (it’s all free) way to learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript – the three fundamental internet languages. With this Godlike trio you can easily build interactive, cross-platform websites and web-apps.

The reason I’m writing about this is because I’ve had the past week off work and haven’t blogged. I’ve chilled mainly – got a new couch that folds into a kick-ass guest bed, but I’m probably going to make it the base for my fort as I’ve got so much leftover cardboard  packaging (BTW if anyone has any other ideas what to do with this – let’s do something awesome. I’m thinking robots.).

I digress.

So, yea. Codecademy – do it. It’ll open up your prospects, look good on your CV – all that bollocks, yaddah yaddah yaddah.

It’s also hella fun. I’m racking up points like a cyber monster!

Cable carts over the Thames

Emirates Air Line

My parents came up to London for the day. My dad suggested that we take the cable carts over the Thames. Now I’ve been in cable carts before whilst filming in Switzerland, so I was interested to see London’s take on the idea. It was a really good day out. The carts seat about 10-12 people as they’re huge. You go up, and before you know it, you’re back down again. Then it’s a just five minute walk to the O2 Arena for a quick drink.

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