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Work Anywhere. The Portable Office.

My perfect office.

This won’t always suit everyone, but over the years I have been putting together my perfect portable office. By this, I mean having all the equipment needed to do the job I do, but without the need to be in a certain building or country, being able to get up and go anywhere at the drop of a hat.

To me, this is an extremely dynamic, and liberating way of working. I currently work in an office, but I have the option to do what I usually do – anywhere in the world.

To give you an idea of my job; I do a lot of content creation – photography, videography, video editing, building websites, social networking, blogging, coming up with ideas and generally just making things happen.

The idea of having to work in one place, especially in a creative industry, is an idea I don’t like. At all.

Here is the equipment list from left to right, top to bottom, of everything pictured above:

And to make sure all your files are always accessible everywhere – store them in the cloud using free services such as Dropbox, or Google Drive (Google Docs is a great alternative to Microsoft Office).

So I put it to you – could you, or do you, adopt this way of working?

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