New T-Mobile Campaign @ Trafalgar Square!

Ok, I’ve been speaking to one of the guy’s that brought us the T-Mobile dance and it’s been confirmed that the next event is being held in Trafalgar Square, this Thursday the 30th of April, at around 6-7pm.

This should be fun. I’ve been informed that it’s going to be another Mass surprise but as to what it is, I have not a clue.

It’s a free for all event so anyone’s invited. I’m going to go, film some of it and post it up on here. It should be quite interesting.

Here’s the (dramatical) trailer for the event.


Curriculum Vitae

So, being a student and nearing the end of my first year of university, I have an inkling that I’m going to need a summer job. Esspecially if I’m to go on a summer holiday and pay off my overdraft before next year.

I looked at my CV and it didn’t really appeal to me anymore – It seemed boring. A standard 2 page CV with information on it, had a nice simple layout, however it just wasn’t what I wanted to send out.

After a few hours deciding on what I wanted, I put it together in Indesign with the aid of photoshop and have created an “interactive” PDF CV.

Obviously I would have to submit it here so you can have a crack at it and see what it’s like. So I will. Obviously without the references and I wouldn’t want to divulge their personal information without their permission.

Download it here: CV 25/04/09


Things are on the up.

I haven’t wrote anything for a few days so thought I’d just write a little update on what’s going on.

Easter, as always was good. Lots of chocolate and obviously the rebirth of Christ. Funny thing is though, even atheists celebrate it, and Christmas! Cheeky.

Now, every so often I like to keep check of various internet orientated statistics such as website visitors and YouTube videos.

With that in mind, I checked out how many views I’ve accumulated on my Photoshop YouTube videos, a couple of hundred on each (no biggy), but for about a week my Thin to Fat video rapidly shot up close to 800 views (not much compared to other videos, but nevertheless, I’m happy).

Then I looked at my unique visitor count on various websites I have. Again, the numbers are on the rise. This blog for example, over 2 months has doubled in unique views! A nice steady climb which will hopefully persist.

A thank you is in order for you guys for reading. Thank you!

Anyway, this leaves me contemplating on making a few more Photoshop videos, maybe make it my ‘thing’ on YouTube. Good idea?


TomTom Advert

An advert idea I had for TomTom (or any other sat nav).

The idea behind this is that there are A LOT of stories you hear about people driving into bushes, through parks, even almost off the edge of a cliff (The Sun claims).

So… Time to break the stereotype and show everyone that with a sat nav you can get wherever you’re going the right way (and it’s not so messy).

Please note: This is not my footage, I’ve cut certain bit’s I’ve found of the net into place just to get the idea across as opposed to filming it first then deciding I want something different.

The end result is pretty much the idea I had in mind, however if I had full control, I would of filmed it somewhat differently and used some more effective art direction in terms of the ‘lost vehicle’, but for what I was working with, I don’t think it’s turned out half bad.

Here’s the clip.


Children’s Book

Well. Today I’ve decided to have a go at writing a children’s book. Why not?

Thought it’d be fun so I’ve just started putting a script together, then all I have to do is set it out all nicely, get some illustrations on the go and talk to some independent (and possibly chain stores) about stocking my book. Which would be nice.

Seeing as I’ve recently bought a camcorder, I’ve titled the book – The little boy and his camera.

Watch this space.


Well… I’ve blasted out whatever was in my head. All that’s left is to proof read it, possibly dumb it down further for younger audiences,  illustrate it and viola! Then I can get onto the cheeky adult version (use your imagination for that one). This is what I have so far:

The little boy and his camera.

Once upon a picture there was a little boy.
A little boy who had a camera. He was so excited he decided to take some pictures.
“What can I take a picture of?” The little boy thought.
So, he went outside into the garden and saw a beautiful little dove.
“What a wonderful picture I have taken! Thank you little dove” He said.
“You’re welcome” She replied.
“Would you like to help me take pictures?” The little boy asked.
“That would be great!” tweeted Dove with excitement.
The little boy, his camera and Dove started to explore.
“Wh-wha-what was that?!” Screamed the frog.
“I’m sorry mister frog, that was the flash of my camera. It’s very dark in these bushes” the little boy uttered.
“Would you like to help me take pictures mister frog?”
“I would be honored” Croaked Mister Frog.
So the little boy, his camera, Dove and Mister Frog continued to explore.
What wonders will they find in the garden?
“What are they?” Dove said.
“They’re flies!” Mister Frog said eagerly. “I like flies!”.
“Well that’s good. Let’s invite them along too” said the little boy.
As they followed the little boy around the garden Mister Frog was startled!
“Ahhhh! What’s that!?” Thundered Mister Frog.
“That’s a worm!” Squawked Dove. “I LOVE worms”
“They can come too then” the little boy stated.
So the little boy, his camera, Dove, Mister Frog, and the Worm explored the garden.
“Squeeeek!” Shrieked Mouse “What have you got there?”
“It’s my camera, Mouse” said the little boy.
“Amazing. Can I join your gang?” the mouse asked.
“Of course you can” said the little boy.
So, the little boy, his camera, Dove, Mister Frog, and Mouse all continued to explore.
I wonder what else they’ll see in the garden?

Then, all of a sudden, right before the little boy went in for dinner he turned around and asked, “Hey, where have the others gone?”


Do you know where they went?

There we have it folks. All in around an hour. Obviously there is more work to be done, but a nice little start. Next stop Hollywood!


Car Modification + A Canon FS100

Well, first thing’s first. Had some time to kill so just played around with a car making subtle changes in Photoshop.

Here’s the results:

The Before Image
The Before Image
The After Image
The After Image

Also, today (technically, looking at the time it was yesterday) I bought a new video camera, the Canon FS100. So far so good, very ergonomic, so I’m looking to make some videos, maybe a few adverts, which I will post up in this blog (and YouTube).


“It’s Easier To Ask Forgiveness Than It Is To Get Permission.”

Sound familiar? Yup, it’s that oh so famous quote by Grace Hopper.

I only started to hear this used frequently (more than other quotes anyway) between the artsy type students, such as (but not limited to) the creative advertisers and graphic designers. This is mainly because, put simply, they can be a reckless bunch, it all relates back to standing out in the industry, and yes, forgiveness is easier to obtain over permission and it will continue to do so, so I put it to you, all the creative people out there, be you fine artists, college drop outs, or even dustmen – go do something crazy, why not?

As the Dr. Pepper’s slogan asks: What’s the worst that can happen?

Well… you CAN fuck up, maybe you fuck up bad. Like really bad. But if no one dies, I’m sure you’ll be forgiven for whatever misfortune that may have occurred, and the best part?

People will talk about it, people will talk about you.

Your name will be spread around, maybe not in the best light, but obviously if whatever you’ve done is that outrageous – you’ll get noticed, in whatever you do. Say you get fired? Another company will take you on because they know if you have at least one good idea, you could very well improve their business, and if not, you get fired again, or end up settling into your job role and live out the rest of your days in ignorant bliss.

Either way, just enjoy life. Life’s too short after all, (well, actually, it’s the longest thing any of us can possibly do!)

“Carpé Diem”? Carpé Bollocks!

…talking about quotes, I’ll tell you what I did find out the other day. “You can’t have your cake and eat it” – that didn’t really make much sense to me, I mean, you eat your cake right? Well what it actually means is that you can’t have your cake (as in the actual object of the cake) if you eat it. So the quote should actually state “You can’t eat your cake and still have it”

Yet in some cases you can. Think about that.


The Importance Of Music.

Just about everyone likes music, whatever your taste there is something that you obviously do like.

But has anyone ever asked why? Why is music so important, and why does it play such a massive role in our lives?

It’s a stimulus. Music stimulates our brain, our thoughts, and our emotions. Music gives us inspiration, raises our spirits, it’s what makes you finally turn round and forgive someone, you and your partner probably have a certain song, it brings people together and just as easily tears people apart.

But Imagine a life with no music, no tones, no harmonies. It would be depressing.

Some of the best commercials out there wouldn’t be half as effective without the right soundtrack carrying it through. As I’m writing this I’m also listening to Hallelujah by Katherine Jenkins (which by the way, is amazing) and it extrudes emotion. I’m listening to this and I don’t have a care in the world.

What I’m getting at is that music IS more powerful than you can care to imagine. The use of it, if used correctly, is a very, very powerful tool and it can be applied to anything. Take for example Christmas, sure over the years it may have lost some of it’s meaning to the younger generations, but do you think they had Christmas carols when Jesus was actually around? Probably not, but I’ll bet good money that Christmas wouldn’t have the same impact on us without the uplifting Christmas cheer that’s spread through it’s carols.

So it leads me to ask why does it have such a massive effect on us?

Well… I couldn’t tell you. Music seems to make no sense. It comes from nowhere and goes nowhere, but it’s so closely connected to all of us in some way, shape or form that I’m sure you’ll have something to say.


A Little Something To Brighten Up The Morning.

Noah and the whale – 5 Years Time.

Such a happy tune, I find it hard to believe some people don’t like this. It just oozes goodness, like a Nestlé cereal!


Do Brands Matter In A Recession?

Ije Nwokorie, Senior Strategist, Wolff Olins