TomTom Advert

An advert idea I had for TomTom (or any other sat nav).

The idea behind this is that there are A LOT of stories you hear about people driving into bushes, through parks, even almost off the edge of a cliff (The Sun claims).

So… Time to break the stereotype and show everyone that with a sat nav you can get wherever you’re going the right way (and it’s not so messy).

Please note: This is not my footage, I’ve cut certain bit’s I’ve found of the net into place just to get the idea across as opposed to filming it first then deciding I want something different.

The end result is pretty much the idea I had in mind, however if I had full control, I would of filmed it somewhat differently and used some more effective art direction in terms of the ‘lost vehicle’, but for what I was working with, I don’t think it’s turned out half bad.

Here’s the clip.


Children’s Book

Well. Today I’ve decided to have a go at writing a children’s book. Why not?

Thought it’d be fun so I’ve just started putting a script together, then all I have to do is set it out all nicely, get some illustrations on the go and talk to some independent (and possibly chain stores) about stocking my book. Which would be nice.

Seeing as I’ve recently bought a camcorder, I’ve titled the book – The little boy and his camera.

Watch this space.


Well… I’ve blasted out whatever was in my head. All that’s left is to proof read it, possibly dumb it down further for younger audiences,  illustrate it and viola! Then I can get onto the cheeky adult version (use your imagination for that one). This is what I have so far:

The little boy and his camera.

Once upon a picture there was a little boy.
A little boy who had a camera. He was so excited he decided to take some pictures.
“What can I take a picture of?” The little boy thought.
So, he went outside into the garden and saw a beautiful little dove.
“What a wonderful picture I have taken! Thank you little dove” He said.
“You’re welcome” She replied.
“Would you like to help me take pictures?” The little boy asked.
“That would be great!” tweeted Dove with excitement.
The little boy, his camera and Dove started to explore.
“Wh-wha-what was that?!” Screamed the frog.
“I’m sorry mister frog, that was the flash of my camera. It’s very dark in these bushes” the little boy uttered.
“Would you like to help me take pictures mister frog?”
“I would be honored” Croaked Mister Frog.
So the little boy, his camera, Dove and Mister Frog continued to explore.
What wonders will they find in the garden?
“What are they?” Dove said.
“They’re flies!” Mister Frog said eagerly. “I like flies!”.
“Well that’s good. Let’s invite them along too” said the little boy.
As they followed the little boy around the garden Mister Frog was startled!
“Ahhhh! What’s that!?” Thundered Mister Frog.
“That’s a worm!” Squawked Dove. “I LOVE worms”
“They can come too then” the little boy stated.
So the little boy, his camera, Dove, Mister Frog, and the Worm explored the garden.
“Squeeeek!” Shrieked Mouse “What have you got there?”
“It’s my camera, Mouse” said the little boy.
“Amazing. Can I join your gang?” the mouse asked.
“Of course you can” said the little boy.
So, the little boy, his camera, Dove, Mister Frog, and Mouse all continued to explore.
I wonder what else they’ll see in the garden?

Then, all of a sudden, right before the little boy went in for dinner he turned around and asked, “Hey, where have the others gone?”


Do you know where they went?

There we have it folks. All in around an hour. Obviously there is more work to be done, but a nice little start. Next stop Hollywood!


Car Modification + A Canon FS100

Well, first thing’s first. Had some time to kill so just played around with a car making subtle changes in Photoshop.

Here’s the results:

The Before Image
The Before Image
The After Image
The After Image

Also, today (technically, looking at the time it was yesterday) I bought a new video camera, the Canon FS100. So far so good, very ergonomic, so I’m looking to make some videos, maybe a few adverts, which I will post up in this blog (and YouTube).


Convince people to keep a worm as a domestic pet

That’s right, an earth worm. This is what we had to advertise, in groups of two. So with my partner Caroline Henson (thought I’d throw in a mention as this was a team effort) we came up with a few ideas for this project and decided on one. Which at the time we were very skeptical about proceeding with, but it was a risk we were definitely willing to take.
And we did.

It went down really well with our tutor (who has worked on many famous adverts and was part of Tesco’s “Every little helps” slogan), we received good feedback and it was suggested that we continue developing it, make a video, take it further.

Finalized Poster
Finalized Poster

A Lesson In Typography

We had a 2 day workshop dedicated to typography, and at the end we had a task set to design a typographic poster in InDesign, in black and white only, with 200 words on what we had learned throughout the duration of the course.

Typography Poster
Finalized Typographic Poster.

Innocent Girl to Vampire (Photoshop)

Ok, so I couldn’t help myself. Here is another quick video in which I make an innocent girl into a vampire.


Avacado + Dog’s Eye = Weird

I made another Photoshop video, pretty random, but I’ve grown quite accustomed to doing them. I think it’s something to do with being able to see the whole process of what you’ve done played back to you.

It’s still being ‘processed’ by YouTube, so I’ll just blabber for a moment.

This blog is starting out to be quite Photoshop orientated.

I’ve always wanted to make some sort of viral advert, I mean studying advertising – fair enough, but before then I’ve just wanted to make one, a successful one, I’ve just not had the means to do it though. I have the software, just never tried using it.

Maybe I’ll try my hand at After Effects and make a massively successful viral that’ll make me rich beyond my wildest dreams.

That’d be nice.

The video has finally finished processing so here it is. Ends quite abruptly though.


Screen Recording – Thin to Fat (Photoshop)

Well, I said I was going to do it.

This is a quick demonstration of the effects that can be achieved using Photoshop to manipulate the human form.

Please be aware that this was just a quickie project, as you’ll notice on the video there can be much more done in terms of fine details such as the skin shading, blending and just generally ironing out all the fine details and cleaning it up a bit.

But it gets the point across.

Inspiration Makings

Fat To Thin – Thin To Fat (Photoshop)

I was on YouTube and I’ve seen this video a couple of times of someone using Photoshop to make a rather big woman, thinner. It’s quite amazing watching it work.

So I thought I’d have a go, but instead of making someone thin, why not make them fat? So I did, to my housemate. Here is the before and the after image.

Before Photoshopping
Before Photoshopping
After Photoshopping
After Photoshopping

Next time I do something like this I think I’ll use a screen recorder so the whole process can be seen. Fun, fun, fun.